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  • Many of the awakened sages speak of coming into a naturalness of life as they uncover the Divinity at their core. They say that their behaviour starts being dictated by their greater self, the Universe, […]
  • Often, we pile resistance on top of our pain, which just multiplies the issue. Many tough things happen that are beyond our power to change, but we can’t seem to help to rail against them […]
  • God is with us and empowering us all the time, whatever we call God. God is, in fact, beyond description. Words only point to Divinity, just as words only point to anything else in reality […]

Latest Updates from Our Daily Bread

  • “The quality of anything is more perfectly assessed through its contrast to things that are somewhat its opposite and thingsContinue readingPerceiving the Spiritual in Contrasts – Rev. Kit Billings
  • In this piece, Eleanor Schnarr, artist, writer and student at the Center for Swedenborgian Studies, explores the connections between fiction,Continue readingSpirit and Faerie – Eleanor Schnarr
  • -Rev. Thom Muller As we prepare for Christmas, and allow the inner reality of the Nativity story to speak toContinue readingBecoming the God-Bearer
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