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  • Christ’s words about never making oaths or promises can be a bit unsettling. We should never make a promise? What about promises already made? That’s why I think it’s no accident that he couches these […]
  • The once-famous scientist turned mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg, wrote that during his explorations of the spiritual realm evil spirits could not attack and control him only because they found him to be nothing. Why is there […]
  • Anger can sometimes be a natural, healthy reaction to something, just as fear, happiness, and other feelings can be. But when the tie of anger binds our hearts (often, without us knowing it), by our […]

Latest Updates from Our Daily Bread

  • -Rev. Kit Billings In this sermon, delivered at the LaPorte New Church in LaPorte, Indiana, Rev. Billings shares an optimisticContinue reading“Tipping the Balance Point…” -Rev. Kit Billings
  • In this piece, Swedenborgian scholar and theologian Rev. George F. Dole explores the biblical epic of the relationship between theContinue reading“Divine Lockout” – Rev. George F. Dole
  • Why does God “come in the clouds”? Listen below to Dr. Rebecca Esterson’s message on cloud imagery in Scripture, andContinue reading“Hazy Revelation” – Dr. Rebecca Esterson
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