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  • It’s surprising to see how many times it says that people in Jesus’ community sought to “unalive” him (the new, TikTok-friendly term for murder). This was typically because Christ would speak about his perceived oneness […]
  • We all can feel lost at times. Not knowing what’s true or what to do. Even when things are going relatively well in our lives, we can feel despair and a sense of failure, inadequacy. […]
  • So, Jesus says that we must “lift up the Son of Man” and then we will know that Christ is he, serving the Lord. Cryptic, wouldn’t you say? How do we lift up the Son […]

Latest Updates from Our Daily Bread

  • In all cultures that I am aware of, there’s a traditional holiday that celebrates the “harvest”. There’s something incredibly groundingContinue reading“Thanks for Nothing” -Rev. Thom Muller
  • Swedenborgian scholar Rev. Dr. Devin Zuber explores the significant impact of Swedenborg’s theosophy on Swedish artist and mystic Ivan AguéliContinue readingNew Church Visionaries: Ivan Aguéli
  • Rev. Thom Muller I will begin my reflection by meditating on the following passage from Emanuel Swedenborg’s Divine Providence: “EveryoneContinue readingWhy the Hell?
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