Additional Swedenborgian Resources

You can visit our friends and partners who follow the philosophical and religious teachings found within Emanual Swedenborg’s writings.

Deborah’s Tree

Deborah’s Tree provides spiritual resources and education in a variety of media, with a special focus on uplifting the ecclesiastical, scholarly, and artistic work of women in the global Swedenborgian faith community. Created by Rev. H. Roslyn Taylor, a minister in the Swedenborgian Church of North America.

The Johnny Appleseed Educational Center and Museum

The Johnny Appleseed Educational Center and Museum is a museum and research center dedicated to preserving the history, legacy, and artifacts of American frontiersman, folk hero, and Swedenborgian Missionary, John Chapman (1774 – 1845), commonly referred to as Johnny Appleseed. The museum, located at 518 College Way, in Urbana, Ohio, holds one of the largest and best collections of items connected to John Chapman.  This resource is regularly used by researchers from around the country.  Additionally, visitors of all ages, locally, nationally, and on occasion internationally, come to the museum to learn about Johnny Appleseed.

New Christian Bible Study

Online clearinghouse for people who are interested in using Emanual Swedenborg’s Writings to read the internal, spiritual sense of the Bible. Allows for the search of both specific passages in the Bible as well as material organized by topic. Accepts contributions from a variety of Swedeborgian denominations. 

New Church Vineyard

A website dedicated to the curation and distribution of religious educational materials for children and youth. Hosted by the Office of Education of the General Church of the New Jerusalem.

Off the Left Eye

A Swedenborg Foundation initiative that uses Emanual Swedenborg’s Writings to answer some of life’s big questions using videos and animation on YouTube. 

Swedenborg Society

Academic publisher, archives, and museum for works related to and by Emanual Swedenborg, located in London, England.