Online Community: Spiritual Sunshine

A Swedenborgian Community Online is an affirming, interfaith community grounded in an open, mystical Christianity. Spiritual Sunshine is an online community of the Swedenborgian Church of North America focused on developing deeper spiritual connections and uplifting one another. Spiritual Sunshine offers small groups, online conversations, and more.

Latest Updates from Spiritual Sunshine

  • The heart of usefulness is the heart of love that beats within each of our spirits: the heart of the universe, the infinite Heart of God that we all share. Within this heart all things […]
  • God being described as Mother or Father is quite apt, as God is the source of all life, the Great Parent known by many names. And on a day like Mothers’ Day, we have the […]
  • The great scientist turned mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg, had in his rules of life, “To be content under the dispensation of God’s Providence,” but how do we do that with the state the world is in […]

Meet Rev. Cory Coberforward

Rev. Cory Coberforward hopes to uplift others wherever they are, as he (and most other Swedenborgians) believe that all faith journeys are paths to the heavenly city. He believes that love, rationality, kindness, and wisdom are aspects of Divinity with each of us that we can use to further uplift the Heaven within and without. Rev. Cory is also the minister of The Church of the Good Shepherd in Kitchener, ON.