What is the Trinity?

Many Christian traditions believe that God is made up of three people known as the Trinity. This is because the Bible refers to God as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Yet Swedenborg didn’t view the Trinity in the same way. He believed that the trinity was God’s power, love, and truth, which lives within one being and cannot be divided. There are many names for God in the Bible. Swedenborg believed each name shows different qualities of God. He believed that viewing God as three “co-equal” persons is confusing, and undermines the power of Christ’s words and our relationship with God. When we view the Trinity as a separation of people, we discount Christ’s teachings and instead emphasize his role as a sacrifice.

Like in many Eastern traditions Swedenborg believed that all life is a part of God. We are all one in God because God is the source of all being, love, truth, and awareness itself. Swedenborg believed that division fades away as we grow into angels. As we awaken, we start to naturally know the true unity we have with God and each other. This division fades even as we become more of our true, individual selves.

This means that God is not divided into separate persons, and in the end, we are not divided from God!

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