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Now Hiring! Digital Communications Manager for the Swedenborgian Church of North America

POSITION: Digital Communications Manager for Swedenborgian Church of North America
To apply please email résumé and cover letter to

Job Summary: 

The Swedenborgian Church of North America (SCNA) is looking for a Digital Communications Manager to join our organization. This is a permanent half-time employment position. This employment position will be performed remotely from home with the exception of required in-person travel to the annual Council of Ministers (COM) meetings and Convention in the summer months for 8 days (location and specific dates vary). The Digital Communications Manager will manage the website ( and digital presence of the SCNA. They will assist in the continued development and maintenance of the website including content updates. They will direct and manage the website, oversee future website projects and changes, develop and maintain social media presence, and be an integral part of the team developing the online/virtual component for the annual convention. They will be required to serve as an ex officio, non-voting member on the Standing Committee of Communication and Information (SCCI) which meets remotely several times a year. This person will set regular working hours to enable time to communicate and connect with SCNA people located across North America.

Responsibilities and Duties: 

  • Regularly maintain the website by adding current events, posts, etc.
  • Work with stakeholders to generate a content plan, ensuring regular content reaches our members on the website, Facebook, and YouTube pages
  • Work with the Executive Committee of General Council (ExCom), in particular with the president, supporting its mission and creating content strategy and goals
  • Work with an advisory committee for handling issues outside the scope of responsibility
  • From a technical standpoint, this person must be able to identify typical user issues and bugs and work with the website developer to find solutions
  • Maintain regular communications with the website developer and other stakeholders 
  • Attend regular meetings on Zoom with the SCCI
  • Attend annual COM meetings and Convention in-person for eight days with travel from within North America compensated
  • Develop content and programming in support of the virtual component of the annual convention
  • Assist interested ministries in the development and implementation of the “mini-website” and other similar projects
  • Assist in updating annual convention webpages by adding content and working with Central Office to populate and manage annual convention webpages
  • Facilitate communication between several standing committees of the SCNA to develop new projects and content
  • Provide a website report at the annual convention as requested

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Minimum High School Diploma
  • Minimum two years of experience working in WordPress
  • The ability to work on multiple concurrent projects is essential
  • Must have strong communications skills – verbal, written, and presentation
  • Knowledge of the SCNA’s doctrine and organization is preferred
  • Ability to shape content from available resources a plus
  • ​​Understanding of website SEO and best practices to improve site performance
  • Strong time management skills with the ability to multitask

Who we are:

The Swedenborgian Church of North America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization founded in 1861. It exists to help people be open to the Lord’s presence and guidance by supporting ordained ministries and fostering personal connections with the Lord. We are an open-minded, forward-looking Christian church drawing its faith from the Bible as illuminated by the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).

Oversight and Team: 

The Digital Communications Manager will work with the SCCI and ExCom. They will report directly to the president of the denomination.

Contractual Details: 

The contracting body is the General Convention of the New Jerusalem (d.b.a. The Swedenborgian Church of North America).  Performance evaluations are the responsibility of ExCom in consultation with the SCCI.

  • Annual Salary Range – $30,000 to $35,000 commensurate with experience and negotiable
  • Monthly hours – 80 hours per month on average

To apply please email résumé and cover letter to