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Call for 2023 Convention Mini Course Presenters

Would you like to offer a Mini Course at the 2023 Convention gathering of the Swedenborgian Church of North America? The Standing Committee for Education & Resources for Spiritual Community (SCER) is currently accepting Mini Course suggestions. They can be offered fully online, fully in-person, or in-person with online live streaming. The theme of this year’s Convention will be “The Practice of Optimism,” though Mini Courses do not have to be related to the theme. An explanation of the theme is below. Please send your Mini Course topic suggestions to the SCER by February 24, indicating your preferred format (online, streaming, or in-person). Contact the SCER chairperson, Rebecca Esterson, at with topic suggestions or questions.

Convention Theme: In her 1903 book Optimism, Helen Keller detailed her conviction that true optimism (not to be mistaken with “the false optimism of the prosperous”) compels the faithful to a life of active engagement in the affairs of the world. Pessimism, in her view, kills the instinct to struggle against poverty, ignorance, and crime. Optimism is the “faith that leads to achievement” compelling us to a time when “no man shall live at his ease while another suffers.” Inspired by Helen Keller’s life and faith, the theme of this year’s annual Convention of the Swedenborgian Church of North America will  be “The Practice of Optimism.”