Spiritual Concepts 

Spiritual Concepts 

Find answers to questions about religion and spirituality.

These answers are written by ministers of our church and are written in the hope that they can guide you or give you peace through understanding. They are not meant to represent the beliefs of our church as a whole. If you want to talk with a minister directly, go to our contact us page and select “Spiritual and Theological Questions” as the subject line.

  • Is the world gonna end?

    The theme of the “Apocalypse” has been discussed within Christianity from its very beginning. Often these discussions are inspired by The Book of Revelation which contains visions of St. John the Divine in which he foresees the “second coming”, “last judgment” and “end of the world”. These passages include very grim imagery like disasters, wars,…

  • What is the role of Jesus?

    The Swedenborgian understanding of the Jesus narrative has been very powerful and liberating to me. To Swedenborg, the story of Christ is a story of inner struggle, which relates directly to our own spiritual journey. Rather than a story of sacrifice, it is one of growth and self-exploration.  Swedenborg believed that Jesus was born with…

  • Is reincarnation real?

    Reincarnation is the idea that people have been born as many different beings throughout the course of their soul’s journey and may continue to be reborn until reaching enlightenment or heaven. Swedenborg did not directly address this idea in his published writings–which inspired our churches’ beliefs– however, reincarnation is an idea that a number of…