Life Questions

Life Questions

Here you’ll find spiritual answers to questions that face many of us in our daily lives.

These answers are written by ministers of our church and are written in the hope that they can guide you or give you peace through understanding. They are not meant to represent the beliefs of our church as a whole. If you want to talk with a minister directly, go to our contact us page and select “Spiritual and Theological Questions” as the subject line.

  • Why are we experiencing this pandemic? Is God furious with us?

    Everything in the natural world is potent with spiritual meaning, and the Covid-19 Global pandemic is no different. We are having a global experience, like at no other time in history. And in the most practical and necessary ways, we are doing what we do in a crisis. We are seeking to protect ourselves, our…

  • Why is there so much political turmoil and what can I do about it?

    We can all agree that when humanity first populated the earth–whether through a long, slow process of evolution or all at once in a garden–there used to be less of us than there are now. That in those early days we had plenty of space. Different civilizations formed with different gods, styles of dress, languages,…