Core Beliefs 

Core Beliefs 

Curious about Swedenborgianism? Find answers to your questions about our core beliefs here.

These answers are written by ministers of our church and are written in the hope that they can guide you or give you peace through understanding. They are not meant to represent the beliefs of our church as a whole. If you want to talk with a minister directly, go to our contact us page and select “Spiritual and Theological Questions” as the subject line.

  • What happens after we die?

    Swedenborg’s countless visions of the spiritual world–including life after death–have fascinated and inspired many of his readers, and continue to be a source of comfort and insight. His bestseller by far, Heaven and Hell, includes detailed accounts of his journeys. Swedenborg believed that he witnessed and underwent the process of transitioning into the afterlife. Swedenborg’s …

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  • What does Emanuel Swedenborg say about scripture?

    The Bible says that Jesus always spoke in parables, which are stories crafted to have a deeper meaning, and this is exactly how Emanuel Swedenborg viewed all of scripture. He believed that scripture is meant to have multiple levels of meaning, like a parable, using similar symbols as he saw used in heaven in his …

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