Other Denominational Grants

In addition to the grants that are managed by the SCFA there are several other granting bodies that people and organizations can apply to within the church. If you are interested in applying for these grants please contact the Central Office of the denomination.

The Building Fund

Purpose – to aid societies in erecting New Church places of worship in America. Established in 1875 and broadened in 1946 to aid New Church societies in purchasing, remodeling, or erecting places of worship. 

Tafel Fund

Purpose – to advance the mission and purpose of the Swedenborgian Church. Established in 2011 to honor the service of past and present Tafel ministers.

The Board of Trustees meets three times a year to consider requests made before January 15th, May 15th, or September 15th. Funds are distributed on a reimbursement basis.

The Gray Legacy Fund

Purpose – church and missionary support as shall be deserving and useful towards the growth of the New Jerusalem Church in geographic preference order 1) Massachusetts; 2) United States; and 3) the World.

Any General Convention-recognized organization can request financial aid from the Gray Fund.  Typically, grants do not exceed $3,000 and are limited to single year requests.

Grant Fund Trustees

The names of the denominational grant trustees can be found in the annual Journal.