Why Have Faith?


“If I could have something, I’d want you to be happy that I have the faith that I have. Not because I have the same faith you do, or because it makes me more similar to you, but because when I go into my faith, into my church or my mosque or my ashram or into my room or into my heart, I’m going there for you. Even if I don’t know you yet, I go to my faith to make it so that you’re more glad you met me when we do meet. I go to my faith to learn humility, to seek clarity, kindness, and compassion, to seek the truth of life. But not just in the abstract, I’m not there just to feel, but to train, so that the compassion I read about becomes compassion for you when your car breaks down, and that the humility I aspire to makes me really listen to what you have to say. The clarity is to see how I can really help. For whatever truth I seek to find in that holy place, it’s found to be used, and used in that holiest of all places, the space that connects two human beings. So you have your space, I have mine, my life, my heart, and I have my faith, and I hope, as we grow to know each other more and more, you’ll be glad that I do.”