Twenty-second Installment in the Swedenborg Studies Scholarly Series Now Available

From the Swedenborg Foundation:
Our latest publication The Moment Is Now: Carl Bernhard Wadström’s Revolutionary Voice on Human Trafficking and the Abolition of the African Slave Trade is now available in our online bookstore!
This twenty-second installment in the Swedenborg Studies Scholarly Series is a multidisciplinary effort by leading international scholars to demonstrate the influence that abolitionist and author Carl Bernhard Wadström (1746–99) and the leading reformers of his time have had over the years on issues concerning the slave trade, oppression, and racism.
The Moment Is Now includes the proceedings of The International Carl Bernhard Wadström Conference on Human Rights and the Abolition of Slavery, which was held in London on June 2–4, 2015. Accessing source materials in different languages that were previously scattered throughout English, French, and Swedish archives, the scholars involved have been able to successfully investigate Wadström’s work and influence in such diverse areas as economics, science, abolitionism, travel writing, African colonial history, Swedenborgianism, philanthropy, utopianism, and human rights.
As its title makes clear, this book not only offers a glimpse into a significant moment in history but also serves as a call to action and a primer to be used in the here and now—a guide from which we can learn how to deal with those horrific forms of human oppression that Wadström and others like him sought to bring to an end.
The Moment Is Now is available for $29.95 as hardcover. E-books available for $9.99.
Members get 20% off all Swedenborg Foundation bookstore purchases, including The Moment Is Now! Not a member? Join now >Order NowContributing Authors: Alderman Sir Roger Gifford; Neil Kent; Mark Florman; Fredrik Thomasson, Ronny Ambjörnsson; Klas Rönnbäck; Jane Williams-Hogan; Jonathan Howard; Robert W. Rix; Inga Sanner; James F. Lawrence; Anders Hallengren; Anders MortensenEditor: Anders Hallengren is a former Harvard history fellow, a research affiliate of Stockholm University in the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, and a fellow of the Linnean Society of London. He served as president of the Swedenborg Society of London from 2011 to 2013, and he was vice president from 2013 to 2015. Anders has published books on Swedenborgian thought (Gallery of Mirrors, 1998; The Grand Theme, 2013), ethics and natural law (The Code of Concord, 1994, doctoral dissertation), international law and African affairs (Kuba i Afrika, 1984), and integration in a multicultural world of change (Nobel Laureates in Search of Identity and Integrity, 2004); and he is internationally renowned for his Nobel essay “Nelson Mandela and the Rainbow of Culture,” first published on September 11, 2001, by