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SpiritualQuesters.org (Our Daily Bread) is a free resource for people everywhere who are seeking spirituality. We believe that spirituality is a quest. It involves commitment, devotion, prayer, wisdom, and practice. Our website offers spiritual nourishment: daily bread. We offer online worship materials that have Scripture readings, prayers, and a meditative sermon. We post thoughts in our blog and feature a daily meditation.

SpiritualQuesters.org is an initiative of the Swedenborgian Church of North America. Accordingly, you will probably notice a preponderance of wisdom materials taken from the great Swedish sage. But we are by no means limited to Swedenborg, and you will also notice meditations and blogs that include wisdom traditions from world religions and spirituality.

SpiritualQuesters.org is edited by Rev. Dr. David J. Fekete and Thom Muller. Rev. Dr. Fekete took his B.A. from Urbana University, then a Swedenborgian College. He then received his master’s degree from Harvard Divinity School, and concurrently received a diploma from the Swedenborg School of Religion. This was followed by a Ph. D. from the University of Virginia. He considers himself a spiritual quester. Thom Muller is a recent graduate from The Graduate Theological Union, where he received his Master of Divinity.







Interview with Off the Left Eye’s Curtis Child

The Birth of Our Daily Bread

By Adolph T. Liebert


Our Daily Bread was a dream of the Rev. Richard H. Tafel, Sr., who was pastor of the Philadelphia Swedenborgian Church for fifty years. His dream was to publish a monthly devotional magazine of sermons and daily prayers as a source of spiritual inspiration and a much needed publication in the church.

As a member and adviser to the American New Church Tract and Publication Society on theological and spiritual matters, he brought to them his dream of a new publication to replace The Helper, which was a small monthly magazine that was failing due to a lack of interest in its contents. His proposal was accepted, and he was appointed editor of the new publication: Our Daily Bread. The first issue was dated December 1949, and it has been published continuously ever since.

The American New Church Tract and Publication Society was an incorporated body run by members of the Philadelphia Swedenborgian Church. Its purpose was “to publish books by Emanuel Swedenborg, and tracts by New Church writers.” On February 1, 1986 it dissolved, assigning its assets to the General Convention (the Swedenborgian Church) to establish a restricted fund whose income was to be used, first for the publication of Our Daily Bread, and second for other publication efforts. A further provision was that the editor be selected by Convention’s Council of Ministers. This has proven to be a wise requirement.


1949-1985: Rev. Richard H. Tafel, Sr.

1985-1997: Rev. Richard H. Tafel, Jr.

1997-2008: Rev. Lee Woofenden

2008-2015: Rev. Kevin Baxter and Rev. Leah G. Goodwin

2016-present: Rev. Dr. David Fekete and Rev. Thomas Muller, now online