Organization Structure

The Swedenborgian Church operates through a structure of congregational form of government that gives full autonomy to local churches and groups in the governance of their spiritual life. Individual churches and societies belong to regional associations of Swedenborgian churches. These associations belong to the larger church. The delegates from association attend the national convention to elect national officers and committee members, and vote for the adoption of resolutions and constitutional amendments. Both ministers and laypeople are eligible for all offices.

Structure of the Swedenborgian Church Voted & Implemented in 2018

In 2018, the previous five Support Units were consolidated into three Standing Committees to improve efficiency, coordination, and usefulness. The Standing Committees are:  the Standing Committee of Education and Resources for Spiritual Community (four members, including one ordained minister, plus a member appointed by the Center for Swedenborgian Studies),  The Standing Committee for Communication and Information (three to six members);  the Standing Committee for Financial Accountability (six members, including two ordained ministers, plus the treasurer of General Convention as chair).

The Chair of the Council of Ministers (COM) will be an ex-officio member of the General Council, with vote.