The opening of the convention on Saturday evening, June 29th will include the church banner procession (bring your banners!) and keynote speaker Matthew Fox, an American priest, who is well-known as a pioneering theologian, educator, author, activist, mystic reawakening mysticism and protecting Mother Earth, and proponent of creation spirituality.

Fox’s Keynote Title: “Youth Leadership and Order of the Sacred Earth and Other Ways Earth is Speaking to us Today.”

In her struggle to survive Mother Earth is busy at work awakening the young to new kinds of leadership–consider the role of Greta Thunberg for example and many more.  Consider too the launching of the Order of the Sacred Earth, called an “intergenerational vision for love and action.”  What is the role of elders and the youth at this critical time of Earth and Human history?  What other awakenings are knocking at our hearts and minds as we struggle with climate change and the shadows of denial and despair that seek to distract us from our work for justice and compassion for future generations?


Some recommended Fox books are Order of the Sacred Earth: An Intergenerational Vision of Love and Action, The Lotus and the Rose, and Original Blessing.