SCYL Winter Retreat

Swedenborg, Then and Now

Thursday, December 27-Sunday, December 30, 2018

Almont New Church Assembly and Retreat Center

Allenton, MI


When: Thursday, December 27 – Sunday, December 30, 2018

Where: Almont New Church Assembly

1513 Cameron Rd, Allenton, Michigan 48002

Who: All youth ages 13 – 18

What: A retreat for teens ages 13 – 18. Van from the east leaves Maine 9 am, Monday, Dec 26 and we can meet and pick up people along I-90. The theme is “Swedenborg; Then and Now”. At this retreat we will explore how Swedenborg’s visions of a new church are manifesting in our current world. What Swedenborgian concepts are being adopted by in temples, synagogues, and churches around the world? What about the rise of atheism? Is the spiritualism of people without a declared religion a part of the new church? Together we will look at the emerging new world order and new consciousness, and discover how Swedenborg’s writings relate to these exciting and sometimes scary times. Swedenborgian Denomination Youth Director, Kurt Fekete and Rev. Jenn Tafel along will staff this retreat along with other trained and qualified youth leaders and/or ministers.

Cost: $75, $150 family maximum (cash or checks payable to ANCA please). Assistance with this fee and with travel expenses is available. Please don’t let the
cost keep you from attending.

Bring: PJs, personal items, musical instruments and a friend!
Contact Information: To confirm attendance, for more information, or if you have questions,
text or call Kurt Fekete at (802) 345-0169 or email

Registration: All teens attending must complete a youth registration and medical release form
and bring them to the retreat. No youth can attend without completing the information on these
forms! Teens that wish to fly or need help with transportation to the retreat should contact Kurt.
A word to parents about safety: We want to assure you of our complete commitment to your
child’s safety at this event. We will maintain a ratio of one staff to every seven youth. We follow
the safe practice of securing a minimum of two adults in the immediate area during all youth
sessions and activities. This retreat is staffed with responsible adults working together to affirm
our church’s values and ensure an environment of physical and emotional safety and respect for
your child.