Pandemic Relief Available to Churches

Thank you to the many that donated during our Virtual Convention to a fund to help churches financially struggling through the Pandemic.  YOU CAN STILL GIVE by going to our Website, page, specify Pandemic Relief.  Or send a check to General Convention Central Office, 50 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.  All funds will go directly to the needs of our churches.

In addition, General Council has authorized an additional $15,000 from funds budgeted for Convention 2020.

If your church is in need of additional financial assistance, please write a letter to the Executive Committee of General Council, including the following information:

  1. Amount requested.
  2. Specific details on how your budget was negatively affected, examples: amount of rental income lost, amount in reduction in regular giving, amount of planned income from events cancelled due to pandemic.
  3. Activities that have been employed to help during this time, such as applying for small business loans (PPP), letters to members and friends of the church for additional help, and amount received to date.

Please complete your request and send by 8/15/20 and email to

Executive Committee of General Council

Rev. Jane Siebert, President

Tom Neuenfeldt, Vice President

Karen Conger, Secretary

Jennifer Lindsay, Treasurer