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Ready to see the Helen Keller Center for Spiritual Life
come into being in Cambridge MA?

Join Helen’s Circle!



We have cast a vision at Swedenborg Chapel in Cambridge to build the Helen Keller Center for Spiritual Life!  We are now looking for a team of people who want to see this vision come into being! People who will pray with us, people who will pledge to give in the early years, and people who will share the vision with others.

Pray — Every month we’ll send out an email newsletter with updates and prayer requests. We invite you to keep the forming of the Helen Keller Center in your personal prayers and in prayer with your community.

Pledge — In the early years we will be looking for a wide range of generous people to give to get this project up and running. This could be anything from a small gift to a large one, one time or re-occurring. Joining Helen’s Circle is not a specific financial commitment, rather a commitment to support this work in whatever way is right for you.

Share the Vision — Help us widen the circle by sharing this vision and its evolution with the people in your circles!

Find out more about the vision for the Center on our website

And join Helen’s Circle today!