Let’s give to get more kids involved in CONVENTION!

I am asking you to donate to help defray the cost for families, teens and children to come to our annual meeting (convention). This year it is hosted by the LaPorte Church and the Illinois Association. With Midwestern small-town quaintness and the beautiful ‘singing’ sand dunes of Lake Michigan just a few miles away, both Valparaiso and LaPorte offer many fun, educational opportunities for youth and adults alike… recreation, antique shops, lakes, museums, and sunshine!

Our gathering in 2017 was a great success in San Jose, California with 41 first timers, 16 teens, and 10 children, with 149 total in attendance. Twenty-one volunteers helped at Convention from The Hillside Community Church, The San Francisco Swedenborgian Church and The Center for Swedenborgian Studies.

A highlight of our annual meeting centered around the youth and children. Every year the teens work hard to prepare a worship service for us and this year they produced a play around the various faith communities’ teachings about death and afterlife, including music from each tradition. They learned and we learned and they elected to stick with the understanding Swedenborg offers us about heaven.

And for the first time that I can remember we had a service with the children sharing what they had been doing in Kids’ Club, a program designed and led by Holly and Charlie Bauer. They built spiritual tool kits and showed us how to use them. It is very expensive for a family to come to convention, especially if they have to fly.

This year scholarships were given to children 5-12, paying ½ of their flight, all of their registration fee and ½ of their room and board. As you can see from the back of this letter, it was a big success. Kurt Fekete, youth director, also uses special funding to help teens come together for our annual meetings, retreats and a trip to England this summer to meet with other Swedenborgian youth around the world.

This year we want to support kids and youth to attend gatherings. Please bring your kids and grandkids and get the word out. Again, we will have a special program centered around the children. And as always Kurt Fekete will make sure the teens have a memorable time.

All donations will go to our children and youth programs. Send your support to: General Convention, 50 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Or go to https://swedenborg.org/. Or you may call us at 617-969-4240 to make a donation over the phone.

Thank you, Rev. Jane Siebert, President


Annual Appeal Letter from President Jane Siebert