Dr. Kristine Mann

Dr. Kristine Mann (August 29, 1873–1945)

Physician and early Jungian Analytical Psychologist who devoted her life to Women's health and co-founded the Jungian Institute

Dr. Kristine Mann, daughter of Swedenborgian minister Rev. Charles Mann, devoted her life’s work to women’s health and Jungian analytical psychology. From 1920-1922, Mann and Eleanor Bertine traveled to London and Zürich, to study under Carl Jung. When they returned to New York, NY they established their own practices, becoming the second and third Jungians to treat patients in the United States. Kristine Mann, Mary Ester Harding and Eleanor Bertine spent summers at Mann’s ancestral summer community at Bailey Island (Maine) where they established their practices in the summer and saw patients from all parts of the United States. In 1936 Jung traveled to Bailey Island to present his Bailey Island Seminar, the first of his two part American seminar Dream Symbols. The second part, known as his New York Seminar was held in New York one year later in Mann’s apartment. The seminars were published in volume 12 of Jung’s Collected Works as Individual Dream Symbolism in Relation to Alchemy. The three women doctors were a powerful trio. In 1936 they created the Analytical Psychology Club of New York and actively led the educational programs there. At her death in 1945 Mann left her personal library to the Club, the beginning of the Kristine Mann Library that is now the most extensive collection in analytical psychology in the world.