D T Suzuki

DT Suzuki (1870-1966)

Zen Buddhist Scholar and author of Swedenborg: Buddha of the North

DT Suzuki (1870-1966).  Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki was an internationally known Japanese Zen Buddhist scholar.  He lived in the USA from 1897 to 1908 where he met his future wife, Beatrice Lane (who had studied under William James, among others).  It may have been through her that he first encountered Swedenborg’s works.  He translated Heaven and HellThe New Jerusalem and its Heavenly DoctrineDivine Love and Wisdom and DivineProvidence into Japanese and was a Vice-President of the 1910 International Swedenborg Congress.  He also wrote a long essay on Swedenborg, Suedenborugu.  He described him as ‘the Buddha of the North’. References:  DT Suzuki, Swedenborg: Buddha of the North, (Swedenborg Foundation, 1996) and ‘Suzuki on Swedenborg’ in Testimony to the Invisible