Famous Swedenborgians

Helen Keller

Swedenborgian Humanitarian

A humanitarian who lived her life in accordance with Swedenborg’s “divine love and wisdom.”

John Chapman

also know as Johnny Appleseed

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Poet, Philosopher and Essayist

D T Suzuki

Internationally renowned Japanese Zen Buddhist scholar.

Andrew Carnegie

A Captain of Industry

A captain of industry whose philanthropy adapted the Swedenborgian “doctrine of uses” to the Industrial Age.

Daniel Burnham

An Architect and City Planner

An architect and city planner who created the model of the Swedenborgian heavenly city here on earth.

Dr. Kristine Mann

Physician and Jungian Analytical Psychologist

Eliza Lovell Tibbets

Early American settler and founder of Riverside, CA, activist for freedmen’s rights and universal suffrage

Henry James, Sr.

Writer, thinker and follower of Swedenborg’s Teachings

James John Garth Wilkinson

Homeopathic Physician, Translator and Biographer of Swedenborg

James John Garth Wilkinson (1812-1899).  Homoeopathic physician, translator and biographer of Swedenborg and a writer on a variety of religious, …

William Blake

Poet and Artist

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Columbia University professor, Author, and Television Personality.