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Church Camps, Retreat and Renewal Centers

Building community and fellowship

Human development and self and social awareness are fundamental values of the Swedenborgian Church, and those values find continued and committed expression in all of the educational programs and institutes supported by it. The Swedenborgian Church has a tradition of summer camps going back for over a century.

Almont New Church Assembly and Retreat Center

The Almont New Church Assembly and Retreat Center, in Allenton, Michigan, was founded in 1899 and provides the perfect opportunity to ‘unplug’.  Almont Summer School, held in July, is a week long family camp and has a long history of bringing together Swedenborgians of all ages, from 1 to 100, to live, play, and care for one another in a fun and safe setting.  In a world where we are often moving too fast, Almont is a great place to slow down and reconnect with what it is to come home to spiritual community.


Fryeburg New Church Assembly

Fryeburg New Church Assembly is a family summer camp for the purposes of relaxation, meditation, and spiritual study. The first session of the Fryeburg New Church Assembly was held in the summer of 1921. The organization was incorporated in 1928 and purchased land by the Saco River in Fryeburg , Maine .


Paulhaven Children's Camp

Paulhaven Children’s Camp, is a Swedenborgian Youth Camp for ages 10 to 18, in Edmonton Canada.  Camp runs the third week in July, starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday.  The week includes swimming, team games, skits, campfire/singing, baseball day, boating, church classes, services daily, free time, a full dance on the last night with a DJ, crafts, and more.

This small camp can house 40 campers (16 boys, 24 girls), so it fills up pretty quickly. There is a small group of people that own cabins on the lot that house the staff for the week. All the staff volunteers their time for the week.

We love having visitors from the other churches come through. Everyone always has a positive experience.


Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center

 Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center, nestled on forty acres in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, abounds in natural beauty and grace. Founded in 1983, in Duvall near Seattle, Washington,  with the intent of fulfilling a longtime vision of providing a space for people to come to for learning, healing and renewal.

The events that frequent here are primarily between fifteen and thirty-five people, although we also host day events, larger celebrations, family reunions, and weddings of up to seventy-five.


Temenos at Broad Run and Conference Center

Temenos is a Greek word for ‘sacred space’. Temenos at Broad Run & Conference Center is an outreach of Love from Temenos Church which honors all paths in the Swedenborgian Tradition. A growing community that welcomes all who seek to be of service to the greater good by practicing kindness.

Workshops on a wide variety of programs such as yoga, tai chi, sound meditations, interfaith choir, and poetry readings are presented.