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In its ever-growing desire to serve all of God’s children, the General Convention (the Swedenborgian Church), urges Swedenborgians everywhere to acknowledge that the Church universal is inclusive and to act in this spirit. Let no Society of the Church exclude any from membership on such considerations as ethnic origin, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, condition of health, handicap or economic status; but seeking those who accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world and who accept the essentials of faith of the Church, welcome all with joy and affection into the full and free community of the Church.

Standing Resolution voted and passed unanimously June 30, 2015

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The Library contains written, audio and video services and helpful worship resources.

The Library contains written, audio and video services and helpful worship resources.

Children have very real and important questions about God and the spiritual life on their hearts and minds.

Children have very real and important questions about God and the spiritual life on their hearts and minds.

Ten regional associations span the country.

Ten regional associations span the country.

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Our mission is to create a vibrant online spiritual community available 24/7 for Swedenborgians and seekers to explore, share and deepen their faith and connection to the Swedenborgian Church.  We aim to create a community where our members get to know each other,  feel free to share openly their personal journey of faith, and feel nurtured and supported in their walk with the Lord.  We aim to create an open and welcoming community. We welcome those with diverse perspectives and backgrounds to find inspiration, community and comfort here.  



Center for Swedenborgian Studies

The Center for Swedenborgian Studies has been a graduate school for religious training and scholarship since 1866 and today functions as a think-tank for Swedenborgian studies globally and also as the official seminary of the Swedenborgian Church of North America. Providing courses and programs supporting academic, vocational, and personal growth journeys for students who want to or are required to take Swedenborgian Studies, the Center’s offerings are multidisciplinary with strengths in theology, Bible and its interpretation, history of ideas, spiritual formation, literature, art and architecture, eighteenth-century studies, nineteenth-century studies, New Religious Movements, Western esotericism, and mysticism studies. After continuously operating as a graduate school program for religious training and scholarship across 150 years in four successive locations in Boston and recently Berkeley and known variously as the New Church Theological School, the Swedenborg School of Religion, and the Swedenborgian House of Studies, the school became the Center for Swedenborgian Studies as an affiliate center of the GTU on July 1, 2015.


Swedenborgian Church Youth League

The Swedenborgian Church Youth League, or SCYL, is a group for teens aged 13 – 18 organized and funded by the Swedenborgian Church. We are a small Christian denomination with a rich history of inspiring great thinkers, poets, philosophers, scientists and activists of ages past and present, such as Helen Keller and William Blake. The SCYL, while being a Swedenborgian church organization, is open and inviting to youth of all faiths and religious traditions, including teens that do not believe in God or have any religious background or affiliation. We are an open and affirming organization; we respect one another and honor each individual and the spiritual path one chooses to follow. Teens in the SCYL gather for retreats with caring ministers and adult leaders. Here, teens learn together, develop friendships, and discover their true inner self and what they believe in a safe, secure, and supportive environment. At retreats, teens have free time for games, music, recreation, or just hanging out and talking. Teens also meet for hour-long sessions a few times a day with an adult leader or minister. At sessions, we talk about spiritual topics and discuss important life choices, values and decisions. We sometimes do crafts or projects related to the topic. We do not force anyone to believe in anything, we do not demand any agreement, or attempt to “convert” anyone to our religion. The Swedenborgian faith honors and appreciates your individual spiritual path. We share information that we have found helpful in our lives, listen to your thoughts and beliefs, and learn from each other. Swedenborgians are all about loving and understanding one another. We do not believe in a punishing or angry God. We believe that God is pure love and pure wisdom and never does anything to hurt people. We hope that you will join us and see for yourself what the SCYL is all about. Here are a few quotes from teens about their SCYL experience.

“I think everything is fantastic! The people are so kind and welcoming. The food is great and I had a great time!” – C.E.

“Thank you for everything. I can’t even put how much it means to me in words. You have taught me a lot and I have a lot more respect for you. This was one of the greatest memories I will have in my own walk. Thank you all for being so open minded and accepting me for me. Thank you.” – S.B.

“I love it here.” – A.G.

“[The sessions] were wonderful.” – E.H.

“This place gave me hope when I didn’t feel hope at home. It showed me different sides of the spectrum and more. I owe my depth to the SCYL.” – J.E.

“I love how everyone is so loving, caring and welcoming.” – C.S.

“I don’t want it to end.” – C.W.

“The atmosphere is miraculous.” – C.B.

“The Youth League has taught me how to live my life as a more thoughtful, considerate, mature, genuine, insightful, spiritual person. And for that I an eternally grateful. Thank you for creating a haven for me during the most crucial, significant, confusing years of my life. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has brought me more bliss than these retreats.” – N.S.


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